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About us
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All honored clients and friends,

On behalf of the staff of Hunan Nonferrous Fluoride Chemical Group (HNFG) and in the name of myself, herein, I have pleasure to extend my heartfelt thanks and kind regards to you all who care about and support us for years.

Our company is devoting to absorbing and improving the imported technologies as the enterprise that imported the dry process technology for Aluminium Fluoride production. The product quality with “Xianglv” brand has been appreciated by all the clients. We are doing well in expanding the domestic and overseas markets, improving labour source, strengthening management and reforming renovations. Our management and service system covering export, transportation, sale, after service and exhibition makes the company be known better and obtain good reputation. Our dedicated devotion makes not only profits for the company but also great commitments to the society.

There is a saying from Confucius , “He who does not think of the future is certain to have immediate worries.” Innovation and development are always the aim of the company. During the historic course of global integrated economy opportunities and challenges coexist. We have to seek for innovation and self-surpass to make the company have broader space to survive longer with constant energy. The newly established Hunan Nonferrous Fluoride Chemical Group (HNFG) under the leadership of HNG will make good use of the advantages of brand, finance and technology to dedicate to building a fluoride chemical enterprise ranking first in the world. I have full confidence in the company and I believe our company will have a glorious better future with the supports from all the friends and dedicated devotion of the staff.

Chairman: Guoyu Luo
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